ZuiXianGui International Holdings Limited

[ZuiXianGui] The brand was founded by Feiyang Ren, a famous singer and post-80s entrepreneur. He insisted on inheriting Maotai-flavor liquor and liquor culture of the Chinese,   on building the brand with special quality and multi liquor culture,and strive to create a healthy and good wine belonging to China and the world.

At present, ZuiXianGui owns ZuiXianGui alcohol (Guizhou) brewing&filling base, ZuiXianGui international holding (Hong Kong) business center, ZuiXianGui alcohol (Shenzhen) marketing center, ZuiXianHui VIP Club and ZuiXianGui (USA)International Holdings Limited. We are a set liquor-making, development, production and sale of an integrated enterprise.


目前,醉仙归旗下拥有醉仙归酒业贵州酿造与灌装基地、醉仙归国际控股(香港)商务中心、醉仙归酒业(深圳)品牌运营&销售中心、醉仙汇会员企业融创俱乐部、醉仙归(美国)国际控股公司等多个商业单元, 是一家集生产、研发、运营、品牌、文化、产业资本为一体综合企业。